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My 1ST entry !

Posted on: October 27, 2008 12:44 am

Today 10-26-2008: The Chiefs/Chefs lose again, to the Jets on this Sunday. They actually had a chance to win, I'm still not sure if the Chefs played better or if the Jets played bad.

The Philly's won, beating the Rays, should be the Angels playing anyway. Phillies lead the series 3-1
Boxing: Benard Hopkins is not 43 years old, is he? Has to be in the top 5 of pound for pound all-time greats.
The NBA starts Tuesday. Lakers look strong, but  they were not the favorites at the start of last year. Who's trades have helped, and who will make the next big trade? Might be the Lakers again.
Politics on SPORTS sites. I wish it would stop!!!! OVER AND OUT

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